• Never be a victim!
  • Make yourself bully-proof!
  • Easy-to-apply principles!
  • Acquire self-confidence!
  • Gain combat strength and power!

Self Defense for the Modern Age

Self Defense SeminarThere’s no need to study for years to learn techniques you can’t apply in real-world situations. Your body is already hardwired for survival. Our self-defense program teaches you how to harness that power and use it to protect you and your family. There are no complicated movements to learn. We teach you the most effective and practical self-defense program you will ever experience and we teach you the three principles that will save your life in a real confrontation.

We’ll show you why martial arts and MMA training is great, but not practical for the average person; they are not necessary to defend yourself and could actually cause you to lose in a real-life defensive situation.

For example, Brazilian Jujitsu, while a great tool, unfortunately is taught these days to focus on sport Jujitsu that teaches you to go the ground. Why would you ever go to the ground on the street if you can avoid it?!

Join us for two days of practical real-life training all based on actual situations you could encounter in your life. This course is based on real-life experience and research. No BS, no wasted time. Only real-life, practical application.

Dominick Rodriguez

Dominick Rodriguez


Delivered by Dominick Rodriguez, a 45-year veteran of martial arts and combative training.He is a fourth-degree black belt, a Marine veteran that spent 20 years as a Las Vegas PD and SWAT officer using these tactics in real-world situations. He specializes in teaching personal protection with a basic, practical and no-nonsense methodology that works.


Los Feliz Boxing
5121 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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Who can attend:

This is open to both men and women.

Located in East Hollywood, Los Feliz Boxing uncovers what it means to realize your potential.